The Different Concepts

Although each 4th Bin is unique, here are some concepts that will inspire you.


The Circular is the 4th BIN configuration that offers the greatest latitude and allows for the collection of the most different products. It is also a configuration that has been designed to accommodate many circular economy initiatives, including: wooden furniture reuse, powertool reuse, a green roof, urban beehives, and many others.


The Original is the first concept developed by the 4th BIN team. It combines functionality and security, while offering a large storage area. Like all other 4th BIN concepts, the choice of products/materials
accepted is totally flexible in order to meet the buyer’s needs.


The Compact is the ideal configuration for maximizing the available space on a given lot. With a total surface area of 1120 square feet, it allows for maximum material recovery while offering a unique design and look. A 20 foot container is dedicated to hazardous materials while the 40 foot container has been designed with easy access via the 2 side doors making it both safe and adaptable to your needs.


The Minimalist was designed to minimize the space required by the 4th BIN facility. Its front openings provide a “self-service” drop-off area, while the second container is designed to accept hazardous materials, or any other product requiring special handling. It is also the most affordable configuration of the 4th Bin.

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